Some of our Herd Favourites!
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Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P ET EX-94-3E
sired by Bar-D Krause's Fawn's C.D. | Heterozygous Polled
6-10 305d 10,789M 807F 7.5% 378P 3.5% (331-626-357)
All Time Single Lactation Fat Champion
All Time Class Leader for Two Year Old & Three Year Olds
Canadian Cow of the Year 2015
Daughters by Logic, Mocha, Turbo and Prince Edward

Dam: Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P EX-92
Grand Champion, Winter National 2005
4-11 305d. 10259M 540F 5.3% 393P 3.8%
6-6 305d. 10786M 583F 5.4% 448P 3.4%
Dam of AI sires Ace and Adam-P


Oceanbrae Logic Feather EX-92-2E
sired by GMC Rebel Logic
3-3 305d. 8960M 454F 5.1% 302P 3.4% BCA: 336-420-347
4-5 305d. 10,530M 432F 4.1% 353P 3.4% BCA: 364-372-376

3rd Four Year Old, National Show 2015

Daughter of Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P EX-94-3E (above)

Has daughters by Mocha, Ironman and Oceanbrae Turbo

Currently using her Pingerly son, Finnegan.


Oceanbrae Jurist Betty EX-92-4E
sired by B Jurist
2-0 305d. 7171M 287F 4.0% 237P 3.3% BCA: 309-302-312
3-1 305d. 8295M 402F 4.8% 270P 3.2% BCA: 312-372-310
4-4 305d. 9697M 400F 4.1% 324P 3.3% BCA: 337-345-345
5-3 305d. 9055M 417F 4.6% 309P 3.4% BCA: 303-348-316
6-2 305d. 8392M 472F 5.6% 298P 3.5% BCA: 270-381-295

Has EX daughters by Logic and Pingerly
Consistently in the Top 30 LPI cows in Canada

We used her Mocha son - Oceanbrae Bennett, with a number of calves on the ground.

Her Royalty son (Bentley) available from Semex.


Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty EX-90
sired by Treeton Pingerly
2-0 305d. 8242M 347F 4.2% 273P 3.3% BCA: 370-381-374
3-4 305d. 9432M 410F 4.3% 315P 3.3% BCA: 335-360-342

1st Two Year Old and Grand Champion, National Show 2015

Highest classified Two Year Old in Canada in 2015
Son by Pierce sold to Laralor Farms, ON.

Dam: Oceanbrae Jurist Betty EX-92-2E (pictured above)


Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger EX-90
sired by Oceanbrae Ironman-P
2-0 305d. 6635M 329F 5.0% 245P 3.7% BCA: 300-362-340
3-0 305d. 7054M 373F 5.3% 275P 3.9% BCA: 272-355-324

2nd Two Year Old and Reserve Grand Champion,
National Show 2015

Dam: Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg VG-85-2y
5 lact: 48,536M 1773F 3.6% 1587P 3.3% BCA: 345-308-345


Fieldcrest Ideal-P  

Fieldcrest Ideal-P EX-92-4E
sired by Seagrave Thor | Heterozygous Polled

6-10 305d 11145M 380F 3.4% 356P 3.2% BCA: (346-299-339)
8-0 305d. 10784M 409F 3.8% 362P 3.4% BCA: (341-327-351)
9-6 305d. 10179M 389F 3.8% 314P 3.1% BCA: (318-306-302)
Produced over 82,000 kgs in 8 lactations
Five Star Brood Cow

We have daughters by Logic and Pete, as well as numerous grand-daughters.

Her son by Adam-P (Oceanbrae Ironman-P) at Semex

Fieldcrest Idea-P

Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme VG-88
sired by B Jurist
3-4 305d 8600M 391F 4.5% 280P 3.3% (325-365-326)
5-2 305d 9823M 508F 5.2% 328P 3.3% (324-416-331)

Daughter of Oceanbrae Pepper 2nd EX-91-3E

Polled daughter by Ironman at Oceanbrae
Logic daughter: Oceanbrae Pepper Trinity - 2nd at National Show in 2015

Embryos sold to New Zealand


Oceanbrae Pepper 2nd EX-91-3E
sired by Meriville Prince Edward
6-3 305d 10468M 458F 4.4% 346P 3.3% BCA: (336-366-339)
7-9 305d 10805M 543F 5.0% 332P 3.1% BCA: (342-434-322)
Seven Star Brood Cow

Dam of Oceanbrae Logic's Plato at Semex Alliance
Daughters by Ted, Jurist, Logic, CD in the herd
Embryos sold in Canada and the United States

Dam: Merrittview Ladysman Pepper VG-85
5-6 305d 8779M 414F 4.7% 309P 3.5% BCA: 291-345-315
2nd Dam: Merrittview Pepper K 5A EX-90-2E
8-7 305d. 10366M 423F 4.1% 341P 3.3% BCA: 318-328-322
Canadian Lifetime Production Leader for Fat and Protein


Oceanbrae Redrama Penny-P EX-94-2E
sired by Panorama Aramis
4-7 305d 9650M 414F 4.3% 292P 3.0% BCA: 323-345-301

Grand-daughter of Fieldcrest Ideal-P


Oceanbrae N Missy EX-93-3E
sired by Hauxwell Notary
5-5 305d. 10608M 392F 3.7% 315P 3.0% (337-314-306)
6-8 305d. 10496M 407F 3.9% 300P 2.9% (343-334-300)

CMSS Cow of the Year Nominee 2011
1st Two Year Old and Reserve Grand Champion,
National Show 2008

Embryos available by Treeton Pingerly

Embryos sold to New Zealand and to multiple Canadian herds



Oceanbrae Michelle 4th EX-91-5E
sired by Mericrest Outlaw - scored 96 points for mammary!
6-4 305d. 9785M 282F 2.9% 314P 3.2% (324-233-317)
7-8 305d. 9138M 293F 3.2% 290P 3.2% (279-225-271)
over 53,000 kgs M in 6 lactations
daughters by B Jurist and Plato

Maternal Sister: Oceanbrae Michaela EX-91-2E
6-9 305d. 9984M 334F 3.4% 297P 3.0% BCA: 306-259-280
over 44,000 kgs produced in 6 lactations

Dam: Oceanbrae Michelle 2nd EX-90-2E
5-5 305d. 8251M 327F 4.0% 280P 3.4% BCA: 262-262-272
6-7 305d. 8001M 304F 3.8% 279P 3.5% BCA: 254-244-271
embryos exported to the United States


Hauxwell Princess 6th EX-95-5E
sired by Meriville Prince Edward
7-10 305d. 10468M 365F 3.5% 290P 2.8% BCA: 320-285-271
Lifetime production of 87,953 kgs milk in 11 lactations

Reserve Grand Champion, RAWF 2000
CMSS Cow of the Year 2008

Daughters by "Prestige" and "Plato" at Oceanbrae
Daughter by "Logic" at Lady Grove in Manitoba
Embryos exported to United States

Dam: Oceanbrae Princess M EX-90


Oceanbrae Joe 36th EX-91-4E
sired by Kingsdale Peri's Champ
5-7 305d. 9734M 389F 4.0% 300P 3.1% BCA: 304-304-286
6-9 305d. 9591M 361F 3.8% 295P 3.1% BCA: 294-280-278
7-8 305d. 11059M 427F 3.9% 347P 3.1% BCA: 338-331-324
Embryos sold to Ivan & Diane Naylor, Manitoba

Dam of Oceanbrae Diamond Jack at Semex Alliance

Daughters include:
Bessie Joe 47th VG-85 (Storm Ruler) - 2y BCA: 277-281-299
Princess Joe VG-88 (Prince Edward) - 3y BCA: 397-319-372

2nd Dam: Oceanbrae Bessie Joe 18th VG (by K Schie)
8-4 305d. 8954M 302F 3.4% 283P 3.2% BCA: 285-241-277


Shadycorners Jamaica Megan EX-92-4E
sired by Bridon Jamaica
6-8 305d. 10837M 606F 5.6% 388P 3.6% (302-316-285)
7-8 305d. 10071M 532F 5.3% 383P 3.8% (281-279-282)

Has December 2012 daughter by Sunset Canyon Kyros

Has now produced over 57,000 kgs of milk in 5 lactations

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