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Classification Update - August 2017
August 18 th, 2017

We had a great day with the classifer today. The highlight was Oceanbrae Redrama Penny-P (above) scoring EX-94 in fourth lactation. She is out of our Ideal cow family.

Scoring Excellent for the first time is Penny's maternal sister, Oceanbrae Adam Precious-P EX-90.

Other highlights included Oceanbrae Jurist Layla scoring EX-90-5E, and Oceanbrae Adventure Indigo-P being raised to VG-85 in 2nd lact.

Celebrating many things in 2016!
December 29th, 2016

2016 has been another great year for us at Oceanbrae Farms. Here are some highlights from the year for us...

  • We had 10 Milking Shorthorn cows classified Excellent and 6 heifers classified Very Good in first lactation in 2016. We also had a new EX Jersey on our last classification round.

  • We supplied breeding stock to three new herds here in Prince Edward Island. Thanks to the Kuepfers of Cardigan, the Nicholsons of Lower Montague, and the Remonds from Kensington for purchasing Milking Shorthorns and Jerseys from us in the last year.

  • Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P EX-94-3E destroyed her own 305 day Fat Record by 100 kgs! She produced 807 kg F in 305 days, along with 10,789 kg M and 378 kg P in 5th lactation. "Fawn" has now produced a staggering 3,542 kg fat in 5 lactations, averaging 7.2% fat!

  • Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn VG-87 set a new 305 day Milk Record for Three Year Olds, producing 11,892 kg M in second lactation. She is a Pingerly out of our Bessie Joe family.

  • Our thanks to Richard and Pamela Wood of Ancaster, ON for purchasing embryos out of Missy by Pingerly in the CMSS National Sale.

  • We made some additions to our herd this fall from other Canadian Milking Shorthorn herds, in part to make up for a scarcity of heifer calves in recent years as well as replacing cows sold to new breeders. Thanks to the Richardson Family of St. Marys, Ontario for making some fine young cows available to us, including a Pingerly that has already scored VG in first lactation. We also added four animals from the Serol Dispersal in November.

We are thankful for everyone who has purchased animals from us in the last year. We continue to have quality bulls, cows, heifers and embryos available for purchase...please feel free to contact us for information! As well, if anyone is planning to visit PEI in 2017, please drop us a line!

Classification Update
May 7th, 2016

We had another great classification round in late April. Highlights included:

  • New Excellent: Oceanbrae Redrama Penny-P EX-93 (pictured above). She is newly fresh in 3rd lactation and is a grand-daughter of Fieldcrest Ideal-P EX-92
  • New Excellent: Oceanbrae Logic Betty EX-90. Logic daughter out of Oceanbrae Jurist Betty EX
  • Four cows reclassified EX:
    Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P EX-94-3E
    Oceanbrae Lady 57th EX-91-3E
    Oceanbrae Jurist Marigold EX-90-2E
    Oceanbrae Chili Pepper EX-90-2E
  • Three VG-2yr olds: Oceanbrae Adventure Tia VG-86 (out of Star Tiara)
    Oceanbrae Mocha Acadia VG-85 (out of Fawn's Accent-P)
    Oceanbrae Mocha Sydney VG-85 (out of All Spice)

National Show Results!
October 4th , 2015

It was well worth the drive to Lindsay, Ontario for the 2015 Canadian National Show! We were excited to come home with a number of honours including:

  • Grand Champion and Best Udder of Show with Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty VG-88-2yr.
  • Reserve Grand Champion with Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger VG-87-2yr
  • HM Grand Champion with Oceanbrae Redrama Peg-P VG-85
  • 1st Place Breeders Herd and 1st Progeny of Dam
  • Premier Breeder and Exhibitor
  • 2nd Summer Yearling with Oceanbrae Pepper Trinity
  • 2nd Four Year Old with Oceanbrae Logic Betty
  • 3rd Four Year Old with Oceanbrae Logic Feather

Also, a newly purchased heifer - Richford Pingerly Saffron - was 1st place Senior Calf for Richford Farms.

Thank you to everyone who helped us at the show, especially Richard and Pamela Wood for their help getting the girls ready for the ring. It was great to see many of our fellow breeders in Lindsay for the largest show in a number of years.

Thank You to Recent Buyers!
September 15th , 2015

Sincere thanks to some recent buyers of breeding stock from Oceanbrae:

  • to Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns of Manitoba for buying Oceanbrae Ironman Kelly-P in the National Sale.
  • to Maughlin Holsteins & Jerseys for buying Pingerly x Missy embryos in the National Sale.
  • to Frazer and Angela Hunter from Merigomish, NS for buying a new junior herd sire from us.

Classification Update
July 30th , 2015

Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty VG-88-2y
Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger VG-87-2y

We had one of our best classification rounds ever last week! Highlights included:

  • Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty scored VG-88 in first lactation. She is now the highest classified Two Year Old Milking Shorthorn in Canada.
  • Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger scored VG-87 in first lactation. She is our first Ironman daughter classified...an encouraging start for this bull!
  • Oceanbrae Pete Idealistic scored VG-86-2yr, a daughter of Fieldcret Ideal-P
  • Oceanbrae Logic Feather scored EX-90 in third lactation
  • Oceanbrae Famous Laurie scored EX-90 in fourth lactation

We also had two Jerseys score VG-85 in first lactation: Oceanbrae Kyros Bambi and Shadycorners Frosting Dottie.

Winter and Spring Updates!
May 10th, 2015

There has been a lot going on over the winter and start to the spring, including:

  • Thanks to everyone who hosted Fred and Margaret during their trips to Australia and New Zealand in January and February. They visited some great herds and Fred was very honoured to be asked to judge the New Zealand Dairy Events. Special thanks to the Wood Family for hosting!

  • Thanks to Bidalosy Farm of Beaver Brook, NS for purchasing two young calves destined to be 4-H calves this summer! Their first Milking Shorthorns!

  • Thanks to Bovidae Farm in Falmouth, NS for purchasing a heifer and two cows in April. One of those cows was Oceanbrae Jurist Nutella, currently a Top 20 LPI cow in Canada. The heifer (Ironman Laurel-P) will be a 4-H heifer for Hannah Jamieson this summer.

  • We were excited to again be the recipients of the Clydagh Trophy from the CMSS for the top herd average in Canada in 2014. We also had a number of Class Leaders and production award winners...watch the CMSS website for more details.

Classification Update
March 20th , 2015

We didn't have a lot to do this round, but here are the highlights of our latest classification:

  • New Excellent: Oceanbrae Adam Lorna-P EX-90. She is newly fresh in 3rd lactation
  • Oceanbrae Pepper Lorelei - reclassed EX-91-2E
  • Oceanbrae Jurist Layla - reclassed EX-92-3E
  • Oceanbrae Redrama Penny-P (shown above) raised to VG-89 (max score)
  • Oceanbrae Logic Optima (sister to Ironman-P) raised to VG-86
  • Two VG-2yr old Jerseys: Shadycorners Monopoly Edna VG-85-2yr and Shadycorners Frosting Dottie VG-85-2yr

Embryos available: Missy x Pingerly
October 3rd, 2014

We have embryos by Treeton Pingerly available out of Oceanbrae N Missy EX-93-4E. Missy is currently projected to produce over 10,000 kgs of M again for the fourth lactation in a row. Embryos are qualified for export to the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and more. Contact us for more details!

Thank you to recent buyers!
October 3rd, 2014

Thank you to those who purchased our consignments in the 2014 National Sale:

  • Sam Freeze of NB for buying Adventure Jo
  • Irina Orlova of ON for buying Pepper Patch
  • Wyatt Navis of WI for buying Ironman Petyon-P

Also thanks to Bobbie Smith of ON for buying a son of Missy by Ironman and Daryl Shoemaker of ON for buying a Mocha son of Feather.

2014 National Sale Consignments
August 16th, 2014

We have three consignments in the 2014 National Milking Shorthorn Sale on September 5th, 2014. All of the information on our consignments can be viewed at www.cmss.on.ca/nationalsale

Our consignments include:

  • Oceanbrae Adventure Jo, a Junior Yearling due in February. She is from the Bessie Joe family out of Oceanbrae Princess Joe VG-88 with records over 10,000 kgs M.

  • Oceanbrae Ironman Peyton-P, a Junior Calf who is potentially homozygous polled. Lovely heifer from our "Ideal" cow family.

  • Oceanbrae B Pepper Patch, a Senior Yearling due late October to Oceanbrae Pierce. From our Pepper family.

2013 Breed Awards for Production
April 9th, 2014

Oceanbrae Farms is proud to once again be the winner of the Clydagh Trophy, awarded to the Canadian Milking Shorthorn herd with the highest Composite BCA on ten records or more. On 35 completed MS records, our cows averaged 7,809M 308F 256P for BCAs of 290-284-293.

We also had two Class Leaders in 2013:

  • Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P EX-94 was the Junior Three Year Old Class Leader: 3-2 9815M 696F 355P BCA: 371-644-413
  • Oceanbrae N Missy EX-93 was the Mature Cow Class Leader: 6-8 10,496M 407F 300P BCA: 343-334-300

Accent-P also won the Knottview Farm Award for the highest fat production in 305 days after setting a new All-Time Record for 305 day fat production.

Cow receiving Superior Production Awards other than Missy and Accent-P included:

  • Oceanbrae All Spice (by Plato) - BCA: 370-365-364
  • Oceanbrae Drama Joe (by Aramis) - BCA: 375-312-348
  • Oceanbrae DJ Darling (by Jack) - BCA: 346-296-360
  • Oceanbrae Jurist Betty (by Jurist) - BCA: 337-345-345
  • Oceanbrae Lass Lily (by O Champ) - BCA: 329-304-331
  • Oceanbrae Pepper Tina (by Ted) - BCA: 343-343-308

As well, Oceanbrae Princess K and Oceanbrae POD Pepper received Lifetime Production Awards (Level 1) and Fieldcrest Ideal-P received a Lifetime Production Award (Level 3) recognizing over 80,000 kgs of milk in 8 lactations.

Fawn's Accent-P on track for another record!
January 4th, 2014

Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P EX-94 continues to astound us with her ability to produce large volumes of fat and protein. She is currently projected for over 9000 kgs of milk at a staggering 8.6% fat and 3.5% protein in 305 days in third lactation. That would equal 774 kgs of fat, which would be a new All Time Record.

Accent-P is also transmitting well, as all of her daughters in production are classified 85 points or higher in first lactation and all strong fat and protein producers!

Great Classification Day at Oceanbrae!
November 28th, 2013

We had a great day with the classifier today. Biggest highlight of the day was Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P being raised to EX-94. She is now our highest classified cow and is the highest classifed polled Milking Shorthorn in Canada. 

Two daughters of Pepper also went Excellent: Oceanbrae Pepper Tina EX-92 (by Ted) and Oceanbrae Pepper Lorelei EX-91 (by Logic).

On the two year olds, Oceanbrae Redrama Penny-P scored VG-87 (Redrama x Perfect Logic). Oceanbrae PE Fantasy scored VG-85 (Prince Edward x Accent-P), the fourth daughter of Accent-P to scored VG this year. Also scoring VG-85 was a DJ Belmont crossbred daughter. That makes 12 Very Good Two Year Olds in 2013...definitely a record for our herd.

Other notables:
- Oceanbrae Ted Idea-P, daughter of Ideal-P, scored GP-84 in first lactation
- Oceanbrae Jurist Layla was raised to EX-92
- Shadycorners Jamaica Megan was rescored EX-92-4E

Fieldcrest Ideal-P: 2002-2013
November 1st, 2013

We are sad to share that we recently lost Fieldcrest Ideal-P EX-92-4E after a sudden illness. Ideal lived to 11 and a half years old and left quite an impact on our herd since she was purchased as a heifer in the Fieldcrest Dispersal Sale. She has produced over 82,000 kgs of milk (180,000 lbs) of milk in 8 lactations, was Canadian Cow of the Year in 2010, and was a Canadian Class Leader for BCA three times.

Ideal-P's impact on our herd will be felt through daughters of her son Ironman-P as well as four daughters still at Oceanbrae. Ideal also has two daughters in the USA as well as a number of ET grand-daughters of her oldest Logic daughter in our herd at the moment. Thank you to everyone who was a fan of Ideal and we're glad that we were able to work with such a cow for so long. She was a gentle cow that was easy to work with and she will be missed.

Thank You to recent buyers!
November 1st, 2013

A big thank you to some recent buyers of Oceanbrae cattle:

  • Ash Lawn Farms of Ayr, Ontario for purchasing Oceanbrae Logic Felicia VG-86-2yr, a daughter of Fawn's Accent-P.
  • Frazer Hunter of Antigonish, NS for purchasing a young Redrama son of Oceanbrae Perfect Logic.

New Photos
October 14th, 2013

Check out our Cows Page for new photos of Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme VG-88 and Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P EX-91! We also got pictured a Ted daughter of Fieldcrest Ideal-P named Idea-P (photo below):

August 2013 - Classification Update
August 23rd, 2013

It was classification day at Oceanbrae, and we had some great results!

We had two new first time Excellent cows. Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P, the All-Time Fat Champion, scored EX-91. Fawn is just newly fresh in 3rd lactation.

Also scoring Excellent is Oceanbrae Jurist Betty at 90 pts. Betty is in 4th lactation.

We scored five first lactation heifers, and four of them scored VG-85. They include:

- Oceanbrae Logic Betty (a daughter of Jurist Betty)
- Oceanbrae Adam Precious-P (daughter of Perfect Logic)
- Oceanbrae Redrama Petal (daughter of Perfect Logic)
- Oceanbrae Logic Lillypad (daughter of Lass Lily)

Jurist Thyme (#6 LPI) was raised to VG-88, as was Adam Lorna-P and Lass Loretta (by Biestar).

CMSS Field Day and Oceanbrae Summer Selections Sale
is a resounding success!

July 21st, 2013

We had a great weekend for the CMSS Field Day, with the weather cooperating enough to make everything come off without difficulty! We had guests from four provinces, the United States and even the United Kingdom for the Field Day! At noon on Saturday, we had over 75 people join us. Our family thanks everyone who took time to attend, especially those coming from a long distance to visit us!

In the Oceanbrae Summer Selections Sale, we sold nine head for an average of $2172 per head. The two high sellers were Oceanbrae Belmont Rosemary and Oceanbrae PE Fantasia-P, who were both sold for $3200 each to Greg and Amy Kelly of Ontario. The Kelly's purchased four animals in the sale. Thanks also to Waynecroft Farms of PEI, Richford Farms of Ontario and Bovidae Farms of Nova Scotia for puchasing animals in the sale.

Thanks to recent buyers
April 30th, 2013

Our sincere thanks to recent purchasers of Oceanbrae genetics, including:

  • Stephen & Janet Edwards of Ontario for purchasing Ace x Missy embryos
  • The Wood family of New Zealand for purchasing Ace x Missy embryos
  • Kaihere Milking Shorthorns of New Zealand for purchasing Logic x Missy embryos
  • Bovidae Farm of Nova Scotia for purchasing Oceanbrae Adventure Piper for use as a 4-H calf this coming year. Good luck Hannah!

Great Classification Results at Oceanbrae
April 18th, 2013

We had a great day with the classifier today including 4 new Excellent cows!:

  • Oceanbrae Jurist Layla EX-90 (Leigh family)
  • Oceanbrae Lady 57th EX-90 (by Logic)
  • Oceanbrae Jurist Marigold EX-90
  • Kimstep Saber Whisper EX-91

We also had 5 Very Good Two Year Olds, including three daughters of our new Fat Champion, Fawn's Accent-P. They are:

  • Oceanbrae Logic Feather VG-87
  • Oceanbrae Logic Felicia VG-86
  • Oceanbrae Logic Fawn VG-85

Also scoring VG as two year olds were Oceanbrae Redrama Ladylike VG-86 and Oceanbrae Adam Lorna-P VG-85.

Three more daughters of Pepper also saw raises in points:

  • Oceanbrae Pepper Tina (by Ted) raised to VG-87
  • Oceanbrae Pepper Lorelei (by Logic) raised to VG-87
  • Oceanbrae Pepper Tea (by Ted) raised to VG-85

A couple of other high scorers:

  • Oceanbrae Logic Patty Jo VG-88
  • Oceanbrae Biestar Peppy GP-84-2yr (daughter of Pepsi)
  • Oceanbrae Famous Laurie GP-83-2yr

Accent-P is the new All-Time Single Lactation Fat Champion!
April 14th, 2013

After recently completing her second lactation, we were pleased to find out that Oceanbrae Fawn's Accent-P VG-86 is the new All Time Single Lactation Fat Champion for Canadian Milking Shorthorns. She produced 696 kgs of fat in 305 days at 7.0%. When Accent-P had 6.0% fat in first lactation, we didn't think she'd keep going up!

We have three daughters of Accent-P by Logic that are fresh in first lactation and looking great. There is more information about Accent-P on our Cows Page.

Hauxwell Princess 6th: 1996-2013
April 14th, 2013

We recently lost the eldest member of our herd, Hauxwell Princess 6th EX-95-5E, shortly after her 17th birthday. Princess was Reserve Grand Champion at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 2000 and produced over 87,953 kgs of milk in 11 lactations.

Princess has two daughters in our herd and a daughter in the Lady Grove herd in Manitoba. Her son, Oceanbrae DJ Belmont, also has a number of heifers at Oceanbrae and she also has a son in the Cedar Creek herd in Ontario.